St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

Deanwood Drive, Parkwood, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 9NP
Tel: 01634 371892
Headteacher: Mrs Louise Prestidge

"I called you by your name, you are mine." Isaiah 43
The mission of our school is to support and further the teachings of Christ and His Church.

We welcome and embrace individuals of all abilities and cultural backgrounds.

We aim to enhance and celebrate their moral, physical, social and emotional development, so that they may reach their full potential in an atmosphere of stability, care and respect.

We believe that education is for all and in partnership with parents, carers, children and the wider Catholic community: we will strive and succeed in a wholly inclusive setting.

During our ‘Judaism’ week, as part of their learning the children in Year 3 visited the Chatham Memorial Synagogue.
They met with a member of the Jewish community and looked at the many interesting signs and symbols of the Jewish Faith.