St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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Headteacher: Mrs Louise Prestidge


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 Subject Leader: Mrs C Burns
Whole School Curriculum Map
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 Music Curriculum Intent

Music makes an important contribution to the life of every school and is celebrated, promoted and encouraged at St. Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School. We value music as it helps with the nurturing of language, motor skills, emotional intelligence and collaboration skills.

We aspire to provide a music curriculum that allows children to enjoy listening to and performing music in a variety of ways and sharing their developing expertise with others. We want our children to develop their own appreciation of music. We ensure our music lessons are fun and engaging.

We hope to instil in our children a passion for music as well as the skills to perform and compose as a vital part of a broad and ambitious curriculum.


Music is timetabled and taught regularly in each class, both as a discrete lesson and through cross-curricular opportunities to ensure every child develops a life-long love of music and musical performance.

We follow the sequences of learning set out in the Model Music Curriculum, through use of the Sing Up Music Curriculum, in the following key areas which, when taken together, all contribute towards the steadily increasing development of musicianship:

• Singing

• Listening

• Composing

• Performing/Instrumental Performance

We provide rhythmic and melodic instruments for the children to use in class.

In addition to the sequences of learning within the Model Music Curriculum, we also engage with Dynamics – The Medway Music Education Hub.

In KS1, we take part in the Dynamics KS1 Music Project. This bespoke 8-week programme provides fun music-making activities by a Licensed Music Teachers to develop children’s general musicianship skills as well as support school staff to enhance their own music teaching skills.

In Years 3 and 4, we work in partnership with Licenced Music Teachers (LMTs) from Dynamics to provide a Whole Class Ensemble Tuition programme.

Our use of music to enhance other curriculum subjects, allows the children to build upon skills and knowledge taught within the music curriculum. From creating soundscapes and enhancing performance poetry with instruments in literacy, using Rock music and other songs to recall Times tables and Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) in maths; we also provide opportunities for children to explore music from around the world in Geography and listen to different genres and music from periods in History.

Each term we also have a whole school focus on music from across the decades, ranging from music from the 1950s in term 2 to the 2000s by term 6.

We are very much a singing school, with hymn practice being a highlight of the school week. In addition, we also provide opportunities for children to be part of our school choir. This provides opportunities for children that love to sing, to build on their confidence, teamwork and resilience. The children sing a variety of different genres from Rock to Musical theatre, to develop their understanding of the music world. We have taken part in performances in the local area as well as entering song competitions and attending a recording studio.


Children have opportunities to perform in a variety of ways including during class assemblies to parents and carers, Nativity performances, Easter Reflections, Carol Concerts, celebration assemblies for other classes. Each year, the children all get to share their wonderful talents in our St. Augustine’s Got Talent Show. Our children grow in confidence and self-esteem during these performances and every child is included and valued.

We hope that children leave St. Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School with an increased interest in music and a desire to continue as a listener, performer and composer. We hope that music continues to be a part of every child’s day and that the children will get to recognise the power of music in supporting physical, mental and emotional health.


 Our Music policy can be found here


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