St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

Deanwood Drive, Parkwood, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 9NP
Tel: 01634 371892
Headteacher: Mrs Louise Prestidge

British Values in St. Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School 


Rule of Law

Class rules

School rules

Clear boundaries to follow inside and on the playground.

School motto

Behaviour board (policy)

Rules apply to everyone

Letting everyone join in

Behaviour points

House points


Generating class rules together.

Voting for the marble jar reward.

Voting for what the end of day story/play area/book corner should be.

Eco warriors – vote

School council to hear the children’s voice

In class votes are fair

Deciding on what to buy with the PA money.

Monitor roles

Filling in questionnaires

Club choices

Individual liberty and respect

We can play football and our own games.

Choice of who to play with

We can let others play

Showing good manners to one another

Listening to other children and adults.

Mini youth – respecting other teams

Swattenden and school trips – behaving and respecting other places outside of school

Maths mentoring

Rewards and sanctions are fair

Knowing and respecting other children’s choice and that we have different favourite things.

Tolerance of those with different beliefs

Hugging people and being nice.

Judaism week

Learning about other religions during RE

Listen to each other and respect their beliefs and opinions

Visiting a synagogue

Welcoming others to our school.

“It is part of our school life to respect other beliefs” Child from Year 4